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He knows
Why worry young man?
For here comes the night.
Your usual friend,
Who gives you his light.
He knows what you want.
He knows what you need.
He knows of her name.
And heeds to your plead.
Be careful young man.
For here comes the day.
He's always on time,
To take her away.
He knows what you want.
He knows what you need.
He knows of her name.
And watches you bleed.
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The Contract
Poverty and Illness was this man's friend.
The kind of relationship that lasts till the end.
God betrayed what this man had planned.
So he took the devil by his hand.
Fortune and Health are now his allies.
Closely watched by his serpent's eyes.
Bonded now to the dark chapel
Through the offerings of a devil's apple
Time has passed and pact's forgotten.
Wealth and Vigor soon turns rotten.
Family and friends he began to savor.
When evil came to ask a favor.
This favor he did without hesitation.
His family waiting… his true salvation.
Finally ready to make his transition.
When the devil gave him one last mission.
Reluctantly he performed his sinful duty.
Desperate for just one glimpse of beauty.
But Satan came to give him a chore.
And this request he did ignore.
Family and friends thinner than air.
Pain eternal and eternal despair.
Now he begins to truly understand.
He is the devil and the devil's hand.
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The Question
I traveled to a desert for an answer to a question.
A question of great complexity, importance, and discretion.
I began the search to quell thoughts and suggestions.
Until the search grew deeper and became my obsession.
I came across a pyramid underneath the desert sands.
Written on it's door was "the answer is at hand."
Tortured from my journey I entered the darkness with relief.
As the answer layed ahead of me... the answer to my grief.
The answer was a light, but this light was hard to know
As I began to understand it, darkness began to show
I reached into my pocket and lit a match with emotion
Only to find myself on a boat, in the middle of an ocean.
Tired and conufsed, I began to believe my own answer.
No proof was needed as it grew threw me like cancer.
I began to sail north with fulfillment and amends.
Until the light came back, with a message to send.
But I was angry and tired of the endless search and the decieving light
So I turned my back and shut my eyes, but still... it wa
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darkeyed Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2004
nice gallery you have here.. im lovin your poems.
keep it up.. welcom, btw.
hope you enjoy your stay.